A new modality
for observing
chronic diseases


Now that we can collect a wealth of digital health data directly from home and daily activities, it’s time to unleash the true potential of remote monitoring for patients suffering from long or chronic diseases. Let it Care blends clinical and AI expertise to offer reactive, robust, around-the-clock patient monitoring.

Decentralized clinical trials

Pharmaceutical companies can rely on Let it Care to deploy at-home sensors and provide data science solutions; 

  • design at-home monitoring protocol
  • robustify data acquisition
  • identify digital biomarkers and endpoints centered on the patient’s experience

Let it Care brings a complete workflow from signal processing to patient stratification and digital data modelling based on digital measures acquired at home.

Proactive care

Let it Care identifies and deploys digital biomarkers as predictive models of treatment-related and disease-related events.

By proactively enabling early clinical actions such as treatment changes, medical visits or hospitalizations, the care pathway will be more efficient and profoundly transformed, lightened, and in tune with the patient experience.

Digital phenotyping

Let it Care transforms data collected from smartphones and connected sensors into individual digital phenotypes for patients.

Both for personalized treatment decisions and patient recruitment in clinical trials, digital phenotyping for chronic diseases is key to identify sub-populations and stratify patients based on the disease trajectory and their predicted response to treatment.

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Patient interface

A user-friendly mobile application collects passive and continuous data streams from smartphone and connected sensors.

Collected data are then transferred to a secured cloud server.

Algorithmic core

Let it Care is building an end-to-end  data analysis pipeline

  • Signal processing and Feature extraction
  • Digital biomarkers
  • Early assessment of treatment response and toxicity
  • Early detection of relapses
  • Patient clustering


The dashboard empowers the clinical team with timely insights and decision-making support thanks to its monitoring tools, alerts, digital phenotyping, and therapeutic strategy assistance.



Let it Care’s current projects include oncology, immune-mediated systemic disorders, and neuro-degenerative disorders.

Let it Care is a core member of the IMI Idea-Fast consortium, Identifying digital endpoints to assess fatigue, sleep and activities in daily living in neurodegenerative disorders and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Let it Care is leading the analytics and data science work package. Idea-Fast is a 5 1⁄2 year project comprising 40+ partners conducting validation and confirmation clinical studies for neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease) and immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Vascodi is a clinical study in partnership with Hôpital Cochin – Assistance Publique des Hopitaux de Paris.

The protocol designed by Let it Care helps assess the potential benefits of monitoring patients suffering from vasculitis. Vascodi will allow to explore vasculitis along with associated chronic conditions such as asthma and other ENT conditions.

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Leadership team

Let it Care was cofounded by Clémence Pinaud and Jérôme Kalifa following the pioneering efforts of Lixoft and Dreem as part of the IMI Idea-Fast project.

Dr Jérôme Kalifa is an applied mathematician and seasoned entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of Lixoft, a leader in modelling and simulation software for clinical trials and drug development. He was also the CTO of Dreem from 2014 to 2019. Jérôme Kalifa had previously co-founded Let It Wave (Paris, France and Palo Alto, USA) in 2001, a startup dedicated to digital image processing.

Clémence Pinaud is an engineer specialized in applied mathematics for healthcare. She worked for several years at Dreem, a start-up dedicated to improving sleep through connected objects, where she led the Algorithms team, focused on the development of digital sleep biomarkers for clinical research. She then joined Lixoft in 2020, when the IMI Idea-Fast project was launched.




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